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The Tawa White water paddle has been designed from the ground up, simply to be the most durable high performance paddle ever made.

combining our super stable yet powerfull carbon blades with innovative solid core shaft takes light weight, super responsive flex, dialed ergonomic geometry and combines it with market leading strength and durability.

Whether you are in a remote gorge, on an epic first decent expedition. Charging on your favorite steep creek or simply taking it easy on your local class 3 river. With the Hard Core Tawa you can always be assured of reliable performance that will take you where ever you dare to go!


  • Our revolutionary Hard Core construction offers a combination of strength, impact resistance, dynamic flex and light weight never before seen in a paddle shaft
  • An outer Kevlar sleeve enhances strength and impact resistance
  • Our bent shaft design allows for a narrower paddlers box and gives greater freedom of hand position
  • The carefully designed grip profile, provides intuitive and accurate blade alignment and greater control with less grip pressure
  • Our flexi shaft uses unidirectional s-glass in place of the carbon to give a slightly more forgiving feel.


  • Combining the unique properties of Carbon, Innegra and S-Glass creates a light, stiff and extremely durable blade skin

  • A combination of hard wearing Dynel cord and carbon unidirectional fibres prevents gradual wear and adds strength and rigidity to the blades edges
  • A progressive, double-concave, dihedral profile combined with an aggressive catch generates more power from less blade area while also providing greater balance and control 
  • The result is a tough, lightweight, high performance blade that has the power of a much bigger blade but is also extremely well balanced and forgiving

    680 cm2

    1150 grams 
    +/- 50 grams

    191, 193, 195, 197
    199, 201, 203, 204

    FLEX   Choice of two flex ratings, Flex 9 and Flex 6. The rating is out of 10, 10 being the stiffest. If you are fit and healthy and want the most responsive paddle possible then go with the 9. If you have had shoulder or elbow injuries, suffer from tendinitis or just prefer a slightly more forgiving feel then the 6 is for you. The difference is subtle and you will only really notice a difference after a long days paddling.

    GRIP  Choose between Standard and Small grip sizes. Standard is the size of choice for most paddles and is available in all lengths. Small is for people with smaller hands and is available in the following Lengths. 191, 193, 195 and 197

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